Since its establishment in April 2006 as a non-profit 501c3 educational institution, The Lewin Center has created space (salons/colloquium/forums) and a place where students, faculty, scholars, practitioners and community leaders gather to engage in experiential learning, research, action and social discourse on social change and social justice issues.

We attend to what is happening on global, national and community levels for the purpose of enhancing the quality life for all. All this in the humanistic interaction of dialogue, learning and sharing research, writings and practice – in the spirit and concepts of Kurt Lewin.

2020 Events

More about our 2020 event series – Kurt Lewin In 2020 – is here.

Past Community Events

Mentoring Evening

Lewinian Symposium: Social Action In The 21st Century: Sacred Contributions/Harsh Realities/Courageous Times

Transforming Change with the 3Cs: Capacity, Competence, Capability

Mining/Minding; Living/Learning Lewin

Contemporary Potential for Kurt Lewin’s Theory and Method

The Challenge for Today’s Leadership is Social Justice

2011: Lewin Center Fellows Named

  • John L. Bennett, Ph.D.
  • Earl T. Braxton, Ph.D.
  • Ann Caton, MSOD
  • Ashley McSwain, MSW, MSOD
  • Kurt K. Motamedi, Ph.D.
  • Mary Ann Rainey, Ph.D.
  • Ilene C. Wasserman, Ph.D.

Salon 1: A Conversation on the Magnificence of Kurt Lewin
Salon 2: Kurt Lewin and the Gestalt Perspective
Honoring of the Lewin Fellows

Salon 1: Leadership
Salon 2: Time Banking
Salon 3: Global Learning

2008: The Kurt Lewin International Legacy Colloquium

“Sharing of Practical Applications in Human Relations and Organization Development”
“Future Visions/Diverse Perspectives”
“Implications for Globalization”
“Social Justice and Social Change Through Curriculum, Programs, Publications and Community of Practice”

2007: The Lewin Center: Philosophy, Programming, Personnel and Funding, attended by donors, Bethel community friends and board of directors

2006: The Lewin Center for Social Change, Action and Research established by the Founding Directors