Stories and Reflections
Inquiries of Ourselves
Redesigning / Rethinking / Re-engaging

“… this job demands…an utmost in courage. It needs courage as Plato defines it: ‘Wisdom concerning dangers.’ It needs the best of what the best among us can give, and the help of everybody.” (Lewin, 1946, 1997).

The Lewin Center invites you to participate in a three-part dialogue exploring the multiple, converging crises we find ourselves in today in relationship to change and transformation.

As you may know, Kurt Lewin has been acknowledged as developing one of the cornerstone models of change. His model summarizes three stages of change as unfreezing, change, and refreezing.

The racial injustices and economic dislocations that have been exacerbated by the global coronavirus pandemic call out for all voices to be heard. Together, we will explore how Lewin’s theories and models can illuminate the possibilities of sustainable change and strengthening Democracy in the midst of this turbulence.

We anticipate a group of people from many different backgrounds, identities, levels of experience, and orientations both within and outside of the Applied Behavioral Sciences.

Our Invitation

The Lewin Center will convene three dialogue sessions. Over the course of these online sessions (via Zoom) perspectives, ideas, experiences, and interests that have emerged for each of us living through these times of disruption, upheaval, and opportunity will be explored.

The Sessions

Session #3: Dec. 5
“Redesigning, Rethinking, Re-engaging”
What wise actions can be taken by the individual and the collective to meet the challenges of the times?

Session #2: Sept. 30
Inquiries of Ourselves: how does making meaning of shared stories encourage movement in ourselves – the second component of Lewin’s change cycle?

Session #1: Sept. 9th – Kurt Lewin’s Birthday
Stories and the relationship between storytelling and “unfreezing” – some aspect of you that you have been challenging or letting go of – the initial part of the Lewinian change cycle.