Listed below are the names of donors who appreciatively and generously supported The Lewin Center during the years of 2006-2019. The Board of Directors acknowledge their gifts with gratitude.

John Bennett
Kenneth & Gwyenth Bohr*
Michael Brazzel
Barbara Brewer
Kathleen Brown
Lee Butler*
Michael Ciszewski
King V. Cheek, Jr.
Alfred L. Cooke*
Argentine S. Craig
Allan Drexler
Katherine Farquhar
David Glaser
Lenneal J. Henderson
Jill Hinson
Mike Horn
ICW Consulting Group
Carl Jennings
Brenda B. Jones
Lennox E. Joseph
Ruthellen Josselson
The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc.
Nidhi Kapila
Judith H. Katz
Nina Kern
Alan A. Klein
Donald C. Klein*
Rick Kremer
Tim Lannan
Robert J. Marshak
Fred Massarik*
Mary Lou Michael
Frederick A. Miller
NTL Institute
Fred Nader*
Cathy Newell
Julie Noonan
Tom Osborn*
David Osborne
Beverley Patwell
Mary Ann Rainey
Ann Marie Reid
Cathy L. Royal
Charles N. Seashore*
Edith W. Seashore*
Michael Seckington
John Shorb
Ted Tschudy
Judy Vogel
Ilene C. Wasserman

(*Indicates a donor who is deceased.)